Making of an ULFBERHT sword made with bloomery iron and steel, "from iron ore to the finished sword"

I present you a viking +VLFBERHT+ sword (Type H) inspired by two museum models found in Finland and Ireland.
This sword is made with bloomery steel and iron (homemade material).
The core and the tang of the blade are forged with composite pure iron (about 0% carbon).
Then, the core is covered by a low composite carbon steel ((about 0,2/0,3% carbon).
An edge made of high carbon composite steel (about 0,7/0,8% carbon) is wrapped around the middle of the blade.
The twisted rods are on the fuller are made with the same iron/steel used for the blade making.
The hardness on the edges is about 54/55 Hrc.

The crossguard and the pommel are covered with copper and silver overlay.

The handle is made of oak covered with boiled leather.

The blade, the guard and the pommel are forged.

Every part are polished by hands.

Some features:

Total lenght: 93,5 cm
Blade lenght: 78 cm
Blade width: 6,2 cm
Handle lenght: 8,9 cm
POB: 11,5 cm
Weight: about 1400 grams