Prices and Order

I work almost exclusively on commission, and I can make all kinds of custom swords.

It's possible to make a sword inspired from a historical model with precise dimensions and weight or from your personal design. 

Before commission, I make a quote.

In case of commission, I ask for a 30 % deposit. The balance is paid only when the sword is finished, not before.

It's possible to send you the sword in a secure box (like rifle box) by postal way or DHL.

If you have a question, you can contact me.


Rate base:


-Sword made of modern homogeneous steel: from 650€


-Sword made of laminated steel/damascus steel: from 1490€


-Sword made of blast furnace iron/steel (home made material): from 2590€


-Relic into the handle/pommel (sand, strand of hair, ...): it's free

-Relic behind a cristal rock on a pommel: the price depends on the project


-Inlay/overlay: the price depends on the project


-Silver plating and gilding: the price depends on the project


-Engravings: from 4€/letter for a text

From 50€/decor (like a cross on the pommel for example)